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About Frontline

No-one Should Fly Blind As They Face The Odds.

Frontline Seed is a venture fund for early-stage companies with global ambition. With offices in London, Dublin and San Francisco, we help European B2B SaaS founders get off the ground and go global.

Founders need people on their side and by their side – giving as much as they get, and finding solutions to help companies evolve.

We understand our strengths and weaknesses and we believe that value-add is not made equal.

At Frontline, we focus our efforts on building products and solutions to help our founders scale globally. Whilst we think we offer many elements of the 14 factors that were covered in this report, our strengths lie in our sector knowledge, establishing personal chemistry and founder fairness, and assistance with securing your next round of funding.

If you know a brilliant European Pre-Seed or Seed team that’s building an ambitious, B2B business, get in touch with us at [email protected], or submit pitch using the form below.

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For growth-stage founders and CEOs in the U.S., Frontline Growth will help establish you in Europe

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