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Backing B2B Founders with Global Ambition

Frontline is the venture firm that facilitates frictionless transatlantic expansion

Experts in Transatlantic Expansion

Frontline supports early-stage founders in Europe, and later-stage founders in the U.S. to capture the critical transatlantic market, which accounts for 70% of the global software spend and 70% of global venture capital dollars. 

For U.S. companies at Series B-D, with plans to expand to Europe in the next 12-18 months.

For European entrepreneurs at Pre-Product, Pre-Seed or Seed stage, with clear intentions to expand to the US.

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A collaborative approach

Frontline is a team of experienced investors and operators, laser-focused on where we can add value to founders, and intent on building long-term relationships across the ecosystem.

We invest out of two funds but collaborate across teams, giving founders access to networks and expertise from both of our fund strategies.

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Frontline Growth

For growth-stage founders and CEOs in the U.S., Frontline Growth will help establish you in Europe

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