Frontline Growth

Frontline Growth

For U.S. Startups with Global Ambition

Frontline Growth is the only fund that exists to help ambitious B2B companies in the U.S. expand into Europe

Win In Europe

Europe is the world’s second largest B2B software market after the U.S., but most founders don’t appreciate its size. 

With a population of 740M and a total GDP of $25T, Europe accounts for over 30% of the global revenues for top-performing companies at IPO.

Working hand-in-hand with CEOs, Frontline Growth multiplies your team’s capability and capacity for expansion, and is the only fund with this specific strategy.

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How we help

Navigating Timing

Evaluate company readiness for expansion and advise on go/no-go decision


Help with launch planning, competitor analysis, market sequencing and localization

Talent &
Org Design

Advise on landing team structure, EMEA VP spec and top candidate recommendations

Location Decisions

Recommend shortlist of locations based on priority criteria, and organize roadshow

How we operate

We’re looking for category leaders. 

We typically invest between Series B and Series D, which is when most companies look to expand into Europe. 

We don’t lead rounds, but participate alongside top U.S. investors and earn our spot on the cap table through our European expansion capabilities. 

Our entire reason for existing is to be a true value-add investor. 

Experienced in Expansion

When it comes to European expansion, experience matters more than innovation. Many of the problems you will encounter are previously known, and we want to help you through them. We have a track record of successfully scaling overseas.  

Partners Stephen and Brennan have each successfully launched the European offices and led go-to-market operations for major tech companies, including Google, Twitter, Airtable, Yammer, and SurveyMonkey. 

An Extensive Network of Advisors

In addition to the deep operating experience of our partners, we’ve curated the largest community of European leaders and advisors, who provide an additional source of advice, market knowledge and talent for our portfolio companies.

This includes EMEA GMs and VPs from Stripe, Slack, Figma, Notion, Klayvio, Cloudflare, Dropbox, Meta and Databricks – to name a few.

Learnings from 200+ Expansions

Our latest research looks at the learnings from more than 200 companies that expanded into Europe over the last decade.

The European Expansion Report, Frontline Ventures

Frontline Growth

For growth-stage founders and CEOs in the U.S., Frontline Growth will help establish you in Europe

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