Frontline Growth


2023 Edition

How US Software Companies Win (and Lose) in Europe

Frontline Growth is a venture fund for North American companies looking to expand to Europe.

Our 2023 report presents the latest insights for CEOs considering European Expansion, on topics including expansion timing, org design, and go-to-market strategy.

“EMEA plans need to sit within the company’s broader strategy. If your product drives productivity or there’s greenfield opportunity, grasp the moment. You might be one of the few that can accelerate while others pull back.”

Wendy Harris
SVP International, Gong

The European Opportunity is Bigger than you think

Top performing companies are now driving up to 40% of revenue from Europe, however, the vast majority aren’t capturing the opportunity.

Our latest research looks at the learnings from more than 200 companies that expanded into Europe over the last decade.

What you'll find inside

In our 2023 edition of The European Expansion Report, we explore 6 key topics to help CEOs focus on the decisions that matter most:

1. Market & Expansion Data
2. Timing
3. Go-to-Market
4. HQ Location
5. Talent, Org Design and Culture
6. Product Localization

Download the full report below to discover all of our new insights, or head to our blog for a summary of all the research findings.

Frontline Growth

For growth-stage founders and CEOs in the U.S., Frontline Growth will help establish you in Europe

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