Frontline Growth

Stephen McIntyre

Investment Focus: Growth stage, B2B technology

Stephen is a Partner at Frontline and works on the Growth fund.

He joined Frontline in 2016 with 20 years of tech operating experience. He was an early employee at Twitter (long before Elon), where he set up regional operations from scratch and led through the IPO as EMEA Vice President. Before that, Stephen led both technical and commercial teams at Google as the company grew 10x and rapidly expanded globally. Stephen also saw what happens when a category leader stops innovating, having worked as an engineer at Nokia in the 90s.

All of these experiences led to the creation of Frontline’s Growth fund, which support U.S.-based software companies to expand to Europe.

Stephen is married with four kids and considers it his duty to embarrass the older ones in front of their friends. In a prior life he studied and worked around the world, living in the U.S., U.K., Mexico, Tunisia, Portugal, and the Netherlands. While Stephen relishes a good chinwag about net dollar retention, he occasionally likes to escape by reading novels, writing, cooking, and playing golf.

Frontline Growth

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