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Zoe Chambers

Investment Focus: Climatetech, AI, Healthtech

Zoe is a Partner on Frontline’s Seed fund, and is committed to backing founders who are building a better – and more inclusive – future.

She is drawn to less experienced but hungry founders, and has over-indexed on traditionally overlooked entrepreneurs. She’s working hard to actively allocate capital to ensure that “overlooked entrepreneurs” becomes a redundant term.

Zoe is passionate about innovations that advance female healthcare (and led Frontline’s first investment in this space), as well as climate tech initiatives that support the transition to renewable energy sources. She is a Kauffman Fellow (Class 27), which provides a structured program of peer-learning amongst world class global investors.

Prior to Frontline, Zoe spent five years at Octopus Ventures, and has the benefit of seeing different approaches to venture investing first hand. She has spent time working with startups in New York, understanding what US investors are looking for and assisting on go-to-market efforts. She has also been in some of the most high-pressure work environments with 7 years experience as a lawyer and investment banker, where she became an expert at handling multiple stakeholders with different incentives – a skill that has proved invaluable in supporting early-stage entrepreneurs through various investment rounds and especially, at the time of exit.

Whether in or out of the office, Zoe is somewhat of a coffee connoisseur and avid podcast listener – recommendations on both counts are always welcome!

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