Frontline Growth

William McQuillan

Investment Focus: Healthtech, AI, Enterprise SaaS

William has been a Partner at Frontline since 2012. He has backed more than 25 European tech companies across a wide-range of sectors, of which six have already had successful exits.

He is passionate about supporting mission-driven founders, particularly those making healthcare more accessible, and is a proud proponent of improving diversity in the venture ecosystem.

Prior to Frontline, William had a stint as an investment banker and was one of the founding employees of Ondra Partners, during which time the team grew from 3 to 120 people in 18 months. He also founded his own backend e-commerce software company, Osmoda, and knows the pains of raising capital and what entrepreneurs really need from their investors. During that time, he became a Global Ambassador and joined the Board of the Sandbox Network, a community of over 1,500 innovators under 30.

William has two very energetic sons with his wife, Marine, who is also an entrepreneur. He has a passion for art, extreme sports, and exploring places off the beaten track. 

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