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Shay Garvey

Shay is a Venture Partner at Frontline and one of the most active and experienced early-stage technology investors in Europe.

Shay has had a wide and varied career covering corporates (Exxon, Corning, McKinsey), startups (Glentara Foods, Irish Seafood Producers Group), and venture capital (Delta Partners, Frontline). In his career in venture, he has been part of teams that have raised eight funds, totalling a combined $500 million through three different economic cycles. Shay has invested in over 30 early-stage European tech companies and currently sits on the board of Qstream, Roomex, Linked Finance, AQMetrics, TravelNest and Finbourne.

Shay has engineering degrees from University College Dublin (BSc) and the University of New Brunswick Canada (M Eng). He also has an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

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