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George Radford

Investment Focus: AI/ML, Enterprise SaaS, DevTools, Healthtech

George is a Principal on Frontline’s Seed team, intent on finding and backing Europe’s most talented technical entrepreneurs.

As an ex-athlete, George is particularly drawn to disciplined and mission-driven founders, and is interested in technology that transforms complex and mundane tasks into simple and delightful experiences. As well as getting out and about meeting founders, George enjoys spending time building and testing new products, and driving data-driven upgrades to the VC process.

George previously worked for a U.S. venture studio where he saw the difficult journey from zero to one many times over, and curated a rich network of product builders across both Europe and the States. He has also been on the operator side of the table as a revenue growth consultant at Founders Intelligence and as an operations manager at a wearable tech startup.

Outside of the office George can often be found (though not very easily) in far-flung places. Regular activities include hiking up mountains, exploring secluded coastlines, and plunging into an ice bath (he’s yet to convince the team to get one for the office).

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