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The Talent Acquisition Playbook

Talent is tricky business – one of the top mistakes made by startups is not devoting enough time to it. A poorly designed/executed talent acquisition strategy can erode your budget, hurt your churn, and lead to expensive processes and poor results. We’ve partnered with Senior Talent Recruiter and Director of Roobix, Nikki Rooney, to create […]

The USA Playbook

The comprehensive playbook for international entrepreneurs expanding to the US. Covers pre-expansion prep work, logistics (legal, finance, and corporate structure implications), best practices, and other personal tips & tricks. Necessary Prep WorkConsiderations for why, when, and where in the US to expand to LogisticsImportant legal, finance, and corporate structure implications Best PracticesFundraising, business culture, hiring, […]

The Series A Board

A deck on how to create, manage, and update your board of advisors – learnings about The Series A Board from the Frontline Ventures’ portfolio community and team. Download The Playbook

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For growth-stage founders and CEOs in the U.S., Frontline Growth will help establish you in Europe

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